About me

Latanya Alberto is a young Amsterdam-based singer, songwriter and performing artist. 


Having had music in her life from an early age, Latanya began her professional career as independent artist at the age of 19. She released her debut EP Ruminate in 2018. This was her first signature of the unique soulful sounds, mellow vibes and poetic lyrics she creates, and continues to create in subsequent releases. 


Her second EP  ‘Cede’ came out in 2019 and fired of many new collaborations as people start to recognize her novice and headstrong sound. One of which is a new collaboration with her band that gives opportunity to do what she likes most; performing live on stage.


Latanya’s musical expressions are influenced by layers of different genres. “These expressions hold a promise “ - as she herself says: “to deliver the story that needs to be heard, the consciousness that needs to be awakened, and the emotion that needs to be freed”. 


Latanya is heavily inspired by societal events. She tends to use her music to voice messages of social injustice, feminism and cultural awareness.  She also writes and sings about romantic, emotional, spiritual and personal experiences. No matter the subject, her meaningful lyrics always read like poetry. 


Latanya likes to blend her musical stories with visual expressions to add to a total experience. Her extraordinary visuals covered by artistic photography, visual movement and music videos are a natural extension of her identity as a creative artist.